Jordan Peele Hosting, Narrating ‘The Twilight Zone’ Reboot

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Get Out was like an intense episode of The Twilight Zone in film form, so this move makes absolute sense. Today (Sept. 20), the aforementioned film’s director, Jordan Peele, was announced as the host of the forthcoming reboot of the classic series.

Oh yeah, Peele will also be executive producing.

Variety reports that Peele is producing the anthology series with CBS Television Studios and Simon Kinberg for CBS All Access.

“The realization, for me, was that it was an opportunity to attempt to continue with Serling’s mission,” Peele told Variety previously, referring to TWZ’s OG creator Rod Serling. “If we approach it without ego and sort of bow to Serling, that will hopefully suffice for our fellow ‘Twilight Zone’ fans but also bring back a show that I think is needed right now. Because it’s a show that has always helped us look at ourselves, hold a mirror up to society.”

Peele is hella busy. Besides The Twilight Zone, other projects he’s attached to include a sci-fi anthology on YouTube called ‘Weird City’ and a Nazi hunting drama on Amazon.

Bags, secured.

Also, let’s not forget when Forest Whitaker was the host of a previous The Twilight Zone revival back in 2002. Yes, that is Method Man in the episode below.



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