Joe & Cyn Finally Get Help, Rich’s Baby Mama Is A Shooter Plus Other #LHHNY Moments

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‘There was a lot to unpack from last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York.  Things got a bit emotional with some of the cast members with a splash of ratchet behavior.

The episode kicks off monotone Joe Budden sitting on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy psychotherapist Dr. Jenn’s couch. Budden is finally making an effort he should have to fix his relationship with Cyn. We get to see a side a Joe we rarely get to look at when he reveals to the Dr.Jenn that he fears not being in his youngest son Lexington’s life repeating the same mistakes he made with his older son.

Joe swaps out for Cyn and its here we learn that Cyn is not actually suffering from postpartum depression, but the from the trauma of being raped by a woman as a child. The two eventually come together, and it seems their relationship is back on the right path after baring their souls to Dr.Jenn and receiving some proper help. Refreshed after their visit with Dr. Jenn, they meet up with Remy and Papoose, The father of the “Golden Child” suggests the Budden and Satana get married as it will help their relationship as it did his Remy.

Moving on, Sidney Starr is still torturing us with her struggle raps. Dead set on becoming as big as Cardi B (it’s not happening), she links up with Jonathan to have a discussion.

For some reason, people on this show keeps asking this woman to rap knowing she stinks, and once again she assaults our eardrums. Jonathan knows she stinks but offers her some words of encouragement before licking her nipples for whatever reason.

Sidney and Jonatan meet up with “rappers” appointed mentor Nya Lee, and things get very interesting. Starr enters the scene, and Lee who was looking absolutely ridiculous herself was not pleased to see that the transgender rapper was not taking her advice in style. Things get serious when it appears that Starr jumps at Lee triggering an intense back and forth with Nya threatening to put hands on Starr before leaving. This story line is becoming just a forced mess at this point.

Another story line that has been a bit interesting is the ordeal between Yandy and the teenager she took in Infinity. After learning last week she could lose her own kids for illegally harboring a foster child, Yandy does things the correct way and gains custody of the troubled teen. Mendeecees’ mom caught wind of the newest edition to the family and has her reservations of the girl being around her grandchildren, but Yandy assures everything is fine, but she will learn she might have bitten off more than she can chew with Infinity.

Yandy meets up with Infinity’s mother, and she learns that the girl wasn’t telling her the complete truth. With the new information, she gained its time to go have a conversation with the teen but, Infinity learned of the convo between her birth mother and Yandy and was not too happy about it. She tells an entirely different story to Yandy painting her mother as a liar who ignored her. Yandy believes her, but she has every right to be suspicious of the kid after the entire situation.

Last but not least Rich Dollaz is in a bit of pickle with the mother of his daughter. He learns that his baby mama Miracle is facing some serious jail time after shooting her husband back home in Mississippi. He meets up with his daughter her mother and tells her she can’t hide whats going on from their child any longer. Rich breaks down blaming himself cause he believes if he was still there none of this would happen, He vows to be there until the situation pans out and to make sure his daughter is okay.

We can’t wait to see how this situation with Miracle pans out on next weeks episode. To see what #LHNNY Twitter had to say about the tonight’s shenanigans hit the gallery below.

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