Joe Budden Gets Big Mad At Scottie Beam’s Feminist Stance, Sparks Gender War On Twiiter

Joe Budden vs. Scottie Beam

Source: Revolt / State of The Culture

Joe Budden had the internet buzzing this weekend thanks to a clip he shared from an upcoming taping of his Revolt show State of The Culture.

Without much description, with the caption “just gonna leave this here and go,” Joe Budden dropped the bomb in the form of a clip which featured a heated debate between himself and his fellow co-host Scottie Beam. Joe gets BIG MAD at what he describes as “fake women empowerment” and Scottie not being mad Brittany Renner for sharing her sexual escapades in her recently released tell-all book.

Scottie holds her own despite Joe not letting her get much input in and makes the valid point that male rappers talk about women whom they have had sex with on songs all of the time.

As you can imagine the video made its rounds quickly starting a gender war where many came to the defense of Scottie calling out Joe for what they took as misogynistic take meanwhile men like Freddie Gibbs took this as their opportunity to die on a crappy hill.

If just a clip could spark the masses, imagine what the debate in its entirety will cause to happen. Is this definitely not the “state of the culture?” Or did Scottie and Joe’s heated discussion cast a new light on the culture’s problematic ways?  You can see the fallout from Joe’s rage directed toward Scottie Beam in the gallery below.

Photo: Revolt / State of The Culture


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