Is It Too Late To Add Gillie Da Kid Vs. Tay Roc To The Strike 2.5 Card?

Battle rap fans are looking forward to October 13, 2018.

The world renowned URL is returning to their east coast roots. The strike is officially over. A dozen battle rappers are getting back to work. Early-bird special pay-per-view purchase reminders have been sent. Watch Battle Live subscribers have the chance to buy the event at a discounted price. Six battles on the card already, with each battle catering to a specific sector of fans but we are calling for one more.  Cassidy just confirmed that he was gonna be on the platform in 2019.

Yet we want to know, is it too late to add Gillie Da Kid vs Tay Roc to their comeback card?

Gillie Da Kid says “I ain’t no battle rapper, but guess what? I’ll tie them n****s to the back of the Jaguar and drag em’ the f*** around Philly.”

Live on Battle Talk with Goodz Da Animal, its not easy to get a laugh out of Da Animal but he seemed excited about possibility. As did two other men, one man ask what’s gonna happen if he battles Goodz?

The other man interjects to ask who Gillie wants to battle first. In his authentic Philadelphia voice he responds, “I ain’t battling no old n****s”

“Tay Roc then, would you take Tay Roc?” Goodz curiously asked. Showing full confidence, Gillie responds, “I’d take Tay Roc, crack rock, Chris Rock.” Basically anybody can get it. Goodz seems to like the match up because he said “Smack set it up.”

Already fans have the DNA vs Danny Myers battle as the best of the night. But we are not sure. There’s a cornucopia of talent on the card that could easily snatch that title. The battle we are calling “Family Feud” (Glueazy vs. Ryda) is one that could take the night. Both are a part of the Goonies crew out of the DMV and both seem to have used the last two years to stake their claim on the URL stage. West Coaster Geechi Gotti is also looking impressive this year. Will he give us an upset against the formidable, T-Top? They both bring their street style of aggression to the table and so this could be a match up that produces a classic battle.

Meanwhile, the K-Shine vs Ave battle promises to be a classic barfest. While many have been waiting to see what K-Shine brings to the stage, others are hoping Ave can match Shine’s performance level. Lastly, Chef Trez takes on one of the rising new superstars in battle rap in the energetic Loso.

Despite his relatively low profile, Gillie’s contribution to Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop scene can’t be over looked. Gillie Da Kid is basically a legend, possessing everything that should make a battle rapper competitive: Bars, Humor, Swag, Angles (did we say humor?).

Tay Roc also remains one of the most respected URL spitters. So respected, Philly vet Cassidy (who will be battling on SMACK/ URL soon) did a fire collab called “Gun Barz” with him earlier this year. Pairing the two of them together would be a great addition to the line-up.

Smack, there’s still a fair amount of time left until The Strike 2,5, set it up!


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