Ice Cube’s New Song Calls To Put The President In Handcuffs (Audio)

Ice Cube built his Rap career on saying what he feels and not caring about the consequences. For Hip-Hop fans, that’s what millions upon millions of people love him, even before Hollywood gravitated towards his on-screen gifts. The founding member of N.W.A. and Westside Connection has not changed his ways. Even with a blockbuster career in front of as well as behind the cameras in the movie business, along with a professional basketball league, Cube is willing to speak his mind, and disregard who it offends. The writer of “F*ck Tha Police” and “The Ni**a Ya Love To Hate” does not mince words with “Arrest The President.” The single from Cube’s upcoming Everythang’s Corrupt aligns with such an album title. Ice looks to the Oval Office and sees a host of crimes and infractions. Ice wants Donald Trump to go, and for a man who was profiled by police on the streets of Los Angeles in his youth (as well as recently, in music videos), he believes the authorities have reason to take the Commander-in-Chief out in cuffs. He points to the alleged tampering in the 2016 Presidential Election and collusion with Russia as reason enough by the President’s staff. Trump and his administration have, of course, denied those accusations.

Cut Chemist Mixes 45 Songs Sampling A Beat That’s Relevant 45 Years Later (Audio)Get smart ‘fore the sh*t start / ‘Fore it get dark, ‘fore they hit you with the pitchfork / Better Crip-walk, this is real talk / Smoke kush and bush, then we peel off / Ni**as still rollin’ with the wheels off / Always lookin’ out for the crisscross / I’m a bigger boss than Rick Ross / Always winnin’, ni**a, get lost / It’s the warlord, bring the voodoo / When I bail through, it’s crazy like Bellevue / What they tell you? Leave that boy alone Like Home Alone / F*ck a skull and bone / Arrest the President, you got the evidence / That ni**a is Russian intelligence / When it rains it pours / Did you know the new white was orange? / Boy, you’re showing your horns / They’re tryin’ to replace my halo with thorns / You so basic with your vape stick Let’s go apesh*t in the matrix,” he spits. At this close of the second verse, Cube vents his frustrations at some Americans. “For the record, you affected / Who you elected is so septic / So full of sh*t, I can’t accept it.” He comes back to his idea in the third verse, while venting other frustrations. Incensed with Trump, the MC raps, “Let’s meet at the White House / Run in and turn the lights out.Snoop Dogg Fires Shots At The Clown President & America’s Political Circus (Video) Given Cube’s massive profile, time will tell if Trump responds to Ice like he did to Snoop Dogg’s 2017 disses. #BonusBeat: With a similar chorus, Cube is not the first MC to have this message. Flashback to The Intelligent Hoodlum (nka Tragedy Khadafi) with his Marley Marl-produced indictment of George H. Bush:


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