Ice Cube Says Harvey Weinstein Sabotaged ‘Janky Promoters’ Movie

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First Damon Dash and now Ice Cube. The West Coast legend has recently shared that he too had a beef with Harvey Weinstein when making a movie with the fallen Hollywood huncho.

As spotted on Page Six O’Shea was recently fielding questions from fans on Twitter. While most were related to his impressive music career he was randomly complimented on his 2009 film Janky Promoters. The “No Vaseline” rapper went on to detail that the final version that was released did not get his seal of approval. Actually he didn’t even know it was coming out.

“This movie is bitter-sweet for me. We never had a chance to finish or promote Janky Promoters. Harvey Weinstein and his brother put this movie out on DVD behind our backs before we could finish the film. They actually had editors finish the movie in secret. #JankyStudioHeads” he responded.

Naturally the tweet sparked up interest in the overlooked flick and one of his followers suggested that he finish the project the way he intended it to be. While it seems like he is way past that he revealed there is another way the public can see what he had in store. “Search for the directors cut. My attempt to salvage the movie… Its much better to me. Very underground. Not released in too many places.”

This is not the first time Cube has expressed his frustration with Harvey and team. Back in 2010 in an interview with A.V. Club he detailed industry rule 4080. The Weinsteins f***ed me. [Laughs.] Yeah, basically, they f***ed me. They was runnin’ through financial problems, so they couldn’t put the movie out on wide release. And they told us we could sell the movie to another company, give them their money back—I had money tied in that movie—and then release it wide. While we were making the deal over here, they put it out on DVD over there. And I found out because somebody told me, ‘I just got the DVD for Janky Promoters.’ I went through the roof” he explained.

The buddy flick starred Ice Cube and frequent collaborator Mike Epps as club promoters trying to book Young Jeezy for a concert. Their money was short thus comedic high jinks arise. While according to him “it was the shadiest sh*t that ever happened” him in the movie business karma came back tenfold to Weinstein. In November 2017 Harvey was accused by several women of sexual assault. He has since lost his company and faces trial in May.

Trailer for Janky Promoters below in case you missed it.


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