HBO Not So Secretly Working On A Ralph Lauren Documentary

After five decades in the fashion game Ralph Lauren is not only still relevant but going as strong as ever and word is that the iconic designer is about to get his story told in an HBO documentary.

According to Page Six the man behind Polo wear is secretly having his life story jotted down for the cameras by noen other than famed director/producer Susan Lacy. No official word on the documentary has been made as Lacy continues to promote her latest project, Jane Fonda in Five Acts, but the rumor about “a work in progress” that is a Ralph Lauren feature has leaked and we can only wait for confirmation from either Lacy, HBO or the Polo people.

In case you aren’t familiar with the kind of work Susan Lacy is known for, this should give you a better idea of why she’s held in such high regard:

We hear that during a Q&A with Alec Baldwin after the Guild Hall screening in East Hampton, Lacy revealed that Spielberg later sent her a note about his film profile that joked, “You have a camera style that could get O.J. Simpson to confess.”

Lacy had the message framed.

She’s the truth.

Though reps haven’t returned comment to Page Six’s inquiries on the subject, sources have told them that producer Grayton Carter is involved in the secret project.

So what do y’all think? Are you going to be interested in a Susan Lacy directed Ralph Lauren documentary? Or do you just want Ralph Lauren to re-release that classic Snow Beach collection again?

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