G-Baby (of KSP) – “West Palms” (Video)

An eloquent revolution in the hip-hop culture, G-Baby identifies himself as an authentic rapper and aims to introduce unique sounds inspired by the traditional hip hop music and new school style.

Fusing classic hip-hop with contemporary trap along with tunes of pop, G-Baby has reformed the taste and tunes of contemporary music with his intelligent production.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah but raised in Topeka Ks and currently a resident of 6TWENTY, G-Baby sings about the struggles of early adolescence, of life on the streets, and personal insecurities, something which every young individual can relate to and connect over.

For his sentimentally valuable work, G-Baby has been known for giving his fans goosebumps with how meaningful, impactful, and real his lyrics are and also excites his listeners with a fun and entertaining vibe on his more new school styles of music.

Although G-Baby has performed on a couple of stage settings, the most memorable one to this date remains the show, Brotha Lynch that he played at The Roxy Denver Co. The whole show was a houseful and the audience loved the performances to an extent where they actually went ahead and bought the artist merch. G-Baby had opened the show for Ces Cru of Strange Music at The Bay with Warrensburg MO’s whole town packed to the vertex, G-Baby still reminisces to the show he played at The Roxy Denver Co. “G” brings a sweet and saucy set of 16 bar rhyme schemes presented in a new school style, where punchlines and melodies mesh together in a magnificent musical manner.

With his latest release, “West Palms” making its way to the top of the charts, G-Baby is hopeful to reach beyond the 118k views he received on WorldStarHipHop just after the first month of his single “$unny $ide Up” release.

For now, he is busy recording new music for an upcoming album and performing for the artist group “KSP”.

Stay in touch with what happens in G-Baby’s life by following him on his social media accounts for more updates.

Follow G-Baby on Twitter: @KSP_YoungGoats

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