French Montana Opens Up About Mac Miller’s Drug Use: ‘I Would’ve Made Him Stop’

French Montana is speaking out about the death of his friend Mac Miller.

On Monday (Nov. 5), the L.A. County Coroner’s Office revealed the 26-year-old rapper’s official cause of death from “mixed drug toxicity,” an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

During an episode of BET’s “Raq Rants,” his friend Montana opened up about their “big brother” relationship and Miller’s battle with substance abuse. According to French, Miller didn’t have the right people surrounding him.

“Honestly, I think Mac Miller was doing the same thing every other artist was doing,” said French, while referencing their “Drink and Smoke” collaboration off 2014’s Coke Boys. “But that was him way before. Sometimes people don’t have people that keep you grounded. It can go left.”

He blames those in his inner circle for enabling his behavior. “I just feel like they let him get away with whatever he choose to do,” he added.

French wishes he was around and could have saved him. “I feel like I have people that if I do something like that, like how I was to him, like a big brother, like, bro, you buggin’ out. He ain’t have that around him,” he said. “If I did that that night, if I was around him a couple more nights, I would’ve made him stop. But he didn’t have nobody who was doing that.”

Prior to their breakup, Miller’s girlfriend Ariana Grande was reportedly instrumental in trying to help him get sober. “She was an unbelievably stabilizing force in his life and she was deeply helpful and effective in keeping Mac sober and helping him get sober,” said Miller’s friend Shane Powers. “She was all about him being healthy.”

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