Foxy Brown Named As Key Witness In Tupac Shakur Murder Trial

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According to a recent news report, Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown is now recognized as a key witness for the prosecution in the Tupac murder trial.

Prosecutors are seeking to have Brown act as a witness and provide evidence that reputed Southside Crip Duane “Keefe D” Davis was in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, something that Davis has denied.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office is forming a list of witnesses that can place Davis in Vegas on the night of ‘Pac’s murder, but Keefe D says that there is mo proof that he was in Sin City on that fateful night in September. According to reports, Foxy allegedly saw Keefe D in Vegas and even interacted with him before ‘Pac’s shooting later that night.

In his book Compton Street Legend, Davis admitted to meeting with Brown the night of ‘Pac’s murder, but now says that anything he said in that book was fabricated.

In the book, Davis wrote: “As I walked up to the driver’s side window, I noticed that the rapper, Foxy Brown, was in the car with [Eric Von] Zip. So he instructed her to step out of the car and motioned for me to jump in. Zip had a hidden compartment that he opened up, reached in, and pulled a black .40 Glock out. He turned to me and said, ‘It’s time to get the money.’”

He continued, “Zip handed me the 17-shot pistol, which I promptly put down the back waist of my pants. I hopped out of the car, held the door open for Foxy Brown to get back in, closed the door, and they pulled off.“

Prosecutors are now trying to get Brown, whose real name is Inga Merchand, to corroborate the story told in Davis’ book on the witness stand.

The trial has been pushed back to November, with Davis’ new lawyer asking for more time to go over the case’s discovery. The 60-year-old Davis is currently sitting behind bars with a $750K bail, but could go home on a an ankle monitor if he can come up with the bail money.

The post Foxy Brown Named As Key Witness In Tupac Shakur Murder Trial first appeared on The Source.

The post Foxy Brown Named As Key Witness In Tupac Shakur Murder Trial appeared first on The Source.

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