Eminem Stans Put Video Editing Skills to Use Against MGK

The war of words between white rappers continues. Machine Gun Kelly embraces his role as the “Rap Devil.” While opening for Fall Out Boy in Orlando, Florida this past weekend MGK chose to agitate the situation.

Aside from rocking Eminem’s “Killshot” artwork on a t-shirt, which bares Kelly’s face in between crosshairs. Kelly thought performing his “Rap Devil” diss track would hype the crowd, indeed it did.

However, some loyal Eminem Stans didn’t appreciate the slick shots. As a result, they put their slick video editing skills to work. Taking a clip from Sunday’s show, they mixed in the audio of a disgruntled crowd. In fact, their editing skills were so slick that various outlets are running the story as if it actually occurred.

In the edited video, MGK  could barely be heard over the echoing boo’s. Still, we can hear him say, “Fuck Marshall Mathers. “It was almost like his microphone wasn’t on while the band attempted to play through the heckling crowd.

Whether you’re an established core entity like The Source or a fan looking to get the latest news, don’t believe everything you read and here. Follow up, do your own research/ fact check. This simple task should be applied anytime you get news which you were not present to witness or you don’t have access to first-hand accounts.

Although some fans did really have animosity towards Kelly.  MGK posted a live photo of himself with the crowd behind him via Instagram. He claimed “He missed” as the photo caption. Suggesting that Em’s kill shot was closer to a leg shot, he stood confidently with his middle finger raised high. Thousands of people behind, middle fingers to the ceiling.

some of those fans who packed into the Amway Center are eager to talk about why he invited them to unknowingly participate in a stunt when he knows they weren’t feeling his energy. They voiced their opinions in the comment section of the photo and on Twitter.

On “Killshot,” Em proclaimed “I’d rather be 80-year-old me, than 20-year-old you.” Marshall Mathers has lived to actually experience being hated and still rise to the occasion.

“I’ve been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage. But I kept rhymin’ and stepped right in the next cypher.”

In conclusion, the Stans are slicker than Rick, check the facts.

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