Eminem Says Dr. Dre Felt the Original ‘Kamikaze’ Album Too Aggressive

Dr. Dre recently revealed that he wrapped up Anderson .Paak’s new album but he also had a hand in another high profile release, Eminem’s Kamikaze. During his interview with Sway, Shady revealed that his album was toned down some due to the good doctor.

“Dre’s input was all over it. There’s a couple songs that he kinda deaded them. Just because, he didn’t have a good reaction to him and he felt like one of ’em was going a little far,” Eminem said.

If Dre felt Eminem was going too far it is interesting to see what was left on the cutting room floor. Eminem’s Kamikaze unleashed a wrath on everyone from DJ Akademiks to Charlamagne Tha God to Joe Budden to Machine Gun Kelly. There are plenty of other names that come in between, so Em was definitely feeling some type of way.

In the first part of the sit-down with Sway, Eminem sent a warning shot of sorts to Machine Gun Kelly, letting him know that the diss will be answered and the reason that he is attacking the rapper is very petty.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Eminem, in the meantime check out part two of the Sway interview below.

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