EMCEEBRODZ Releases ‘HELLRAISER’ For The Misfits

From Adelaide, Australia, EMCEEBRODZ, has never felt like he fit in. Finding solace in music, he became inspired to begin expressing himself through a new outlet, music. He hopes to provide a voice for the voiceless and be a support to his listeners just as his favorite artists were to him.

EMCEEBRODZ creates a sound that is unique to him through his forward thinking production style and vulnerability in exploration of relatable experiences such as struggles with mental health, love, fitting in, and the world around him.

During his music career, EMCEEBRODZ has established himself as an ‘artist to watch’, with consistent music drops, live shows, and opening for established acts such as JK-47 and Arno Faraji.

In the future, EMCEEBRODZ plans to continue to experiment with sounds, play as many live shows as possible, and tell his story the one way he knows how… through music.

Holding a metaphorical mirror up to the music scene, EMCEEBRODZ exposes the inner workings of the industry and the sacrifices necessary to succeed. The track explores ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and the competitive mentality of artists that EMCEEBRODZ believes is poisoning the industry and limiting the next generation of artists.

‘HELLRAISER’ is a unique rap-rock hybrid track combining elements of Drill music with heavy rock guitar riffs and a modern hyper pop style production resulting in a unique blend of genres.

So pick up your trident and grow in your horns as EMCEEBRODZ will take you on a journey that’s larger than life and not to be missed. 

Source: UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

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