Drake Comments On NJ Twork’s Most Disrespectful Rap Battle

Drake seems to pay close attention to things outside of mainstream music charts, competition and currency. Back in 2015, Murda Mook taunted hip-hop’s biggest superstar to step into the world of battle rap. Drake made a cameo on SMACK URL’s “Night of Main Events 5 in 2015 to address the possible Murda Mook battle. When asked about the battle, Drake threw some shade on the New York battle rep veteran.  “You gotta beat Surf first before you get to me,” said the “In My Feelings” artist.

Aside from the possibility of his battle with Murda Mook that never happened, the 6 God keeps tabs on what’s going on in the underground world of battle rap.  In the world of battle rap, lines are crossed and girlfriends mothers and other close relatives may get mentioned. And it may not be in the most respectful manner. In a recent battle between Nu Jerzey Twork and Eazy Da Block Captain, things got heated once Twork decided to get personal and mention Eazy’s girlfriend. She happened to be standing right next to him. Twork starts by sayings, “Me and shorty you cuffing are great friends… he’s a f*****g replacement…. you remember them long night of me f******g your face in.” Peep the vulgar statement at 4:30.

Well, this line caught the attention of Drizzy at 5:41.

“Hahahahahahah this guy really sent it. Nah I would have been heated if my ting never told me that. Oh my God.” One can assume that Drake usually has his eyes on the battle rap ring, although it is pretty sure that he will never enter the ring itself. He can’t risk the corporate ties. That wouldn’t be a good ting.

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