Dr. Kanye West Breaks Down Why Welfare Is The Reason Black Peeps Are Dems

“It is something about when I put this hat on, you makes me feel like Superman.” Kanye passionately said to Donal Trump “You made a Superman cape to me.”

Dr. Kanye West is out here breaking down politics at The White House. Not only did he blast out that the institution of welfare is the reason, why Black people are democrats is because of welfare. Oh you silly, college drop out!

Here is a quick fact check, Dr. Kanye on the institution of welfare and its history. In the 1930s, there was this horrible American economic calamity called the Great Depression that wiped out most Americans savings and investments. Most affected by this occurrence were white people. Local and State governments (as well as private charities and churches) did all that they can to help people, but eventually became overwhelmed by the demands of millions of needy families who needed food, clothing and shelter (you know the basic stuff to live).

When we say millions, we want you to know exactly what we mean.

According to The Constitutional Rights Foundation, 18 million elderly, disabled, and single mothers with children who were already barely living above the poverty level, were directly affected. What made it worst is that by 1933, after the stock market had crashed, about 13 million Americans (not just Black people) had been thrown out of work. An abundance of men (statistically more white men than Black) deserted their families and those women and children needed assistance. By 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (though concerned with job creation) worked with congress to expand support for the poor passed the subsidies Social Security to include aid to the poor people and their children.  And even until today, most of the people who receive aid from public assistance are children. Most of the children receive assistance through Medicaid so they can get treated/ seen by doctors.  The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that, in 2015, 39 percent of all children in America—30.4 million—received healthcare coverage through Medicaid. Their rate of enrollment in this program is far higher than that for adults under the age of 65, who participate at a rate of just 15 percent.

The myth that you keep inferring is that folk on welfare don’t work. That’s not true either, Dr. West. Again The Kaiser Family Foundation  found that in 2015, the large majority of people enrolled in Medicaid—77 percent—were in a household where at least one adult had some type of job (full- or part-time). 3 out of 5 of the 37 million enrollees were full-time workers. And while they might not know how to chop up a sample or program a beat, Dr. Kanye, their work is valuable, it fuels our national economic ecosystem and deserve your respect. At least the respect required for you to go to The White House and talk like you are.

Blacks are not democrats, Dr. Kanye because of welfare. For goodness sakes, Dr. Google can tell you that Blacks were not even allowed at the democratic conventions until 1924. While we can see that Pres. Roosevelt had influence on the great migration of Blacks from Reps to Dev, it was not because of welfare. It was because of the programs that were implemented to jumpstart career building like Works Progress Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the National Youth Administration, and the Public Works Administration. It was President Harry Truman and his work to desegregate the Armed Forces and his putting forth an executive order that instituted regulations against racial basis in federal employment, that made Black people change from the party of Lincoln to Obama’s Blue.

What you did say in this visit that struck a tone of empathy for you, is that you believe that you have been misdiagnosed as bi-polar. Bruh, there are threads of sadness this rant. It is not sad that he is rambling, it is how 45 is sitting there (ad libbing) looking at our king like he is a knucklehead.


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