Dr. Ford Says — 100% It Was Brett Kavanaugh Who Tried To Rape Her

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In an emotional display, the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Confirmation Hearing is not going too well for the Republicans. So far, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has come forward in a very credible way to tell her story concerning her alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh, the Trump-nominated and Republican-supported Supreme Court nominee. The Senate Republicans hired an Arizona-based prosecutor to ask their questions, while each of the Democratic Senators asked their own questions and commended Dr. Ford for her inspirational courage.

Dr. Ford, whose manner appears intelligent and credible (much like Anita Hill in 1991), told the U.S. Senators that she is 100% certain that it was Kavanaugh who sexually assaulted her.  In what she called her “civic duty,” she said she initially tried to remain anonymous but felt obligated to come forward.  She also requested an investigation by the FBI, but Senate Republicans ignored that request.

In a non-partisan manner, Dr. Ford testified that she attempted to notify persons (by calling a tip line and contacting her Congresswoman) after Kavanaugh was named on the short list of President Trump’s picks in order to make sure Kavanaugh would not continue to be considered.

Dr. Ford provided a report of her polygraph results and requested the report be placed in the record.  The polygraph test was administered in August and was provided to the Senate Committee in September.  The Republicans refused to allow the polygraph examiner to testify about the results.  Since the Democrats submitted the report, it is a safe assumption that the polygraph results confirm Dr. Ford was truthful in her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

Question: Did Trump and the Republicans’ stubborn and aggressive plan backfire?  Time will tell.

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