Diss Tracks Between So-Cal Latino Rappers Annimeanz & Yung Gritty Go Public

Been noticing an exchange of words between the camps of Annimeanz of Los Angeles, and Yung Gritty out the Inland Empire, formally known as Yung Blu. Soon after Annimeanz called out Yung Gritty for having a ghostwriter and accepting a studio session on his terms with fellow label mate Young Note, due to high tensions the real live session appeared not to happen. Instead the diss tracks are out from both respective artists exclusively on LatinBeastTV.

It’s for the public to decide who bodied who, so make sure to stream “Lite Work”, by Annimeanz featuring Young Note and “El Uno” by Yung Gritty.

Source: UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

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