Director Salim Akil Sued for Domestic Abuse and Breach of Contract

Salim Akil, husband of Mara Brock Akil was behind many successful Black shows and films. But if he’s found guilty of the charges that were levied against him, he may find himself behind bars.

Akil is not only being charged for domestic violence but also breach of contract. On November 20th a lawsuit was filed by Amber Dixon Brenner in California. The lawsuit alleges that she carried on a long-term relationship with Akil that sexually and physically abusive.

In the breach of contract aspect of the lawsuit, Brenner’s complaint claims that Akil used portions of a script she wrote in 2015, entitled Luv & Perversity in the East Village. Although the series never made it on television, she alleges that some of her work appeared in the hit OWN series Love Is_, which Akil created. Love Is_ tells a semi-autobiographical story of how the Akil’s met and fell in love.

Salim and Mara Brock are major players in the television and film industry. Salim first cut his teeth as a staff writer and then as executive producer of Showtime’s award-winning Soulfood. He then went on to serve as a Director on a plethora of TV shows, including UPN’s Girlfriends, CW’s/BET’s The GameBET’s Being Mary Jane, and the Black superhero family drama, CW’s Black Lighting.

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