Death Row Inmate Kim Kardashian Tweeted About is Requesting New DNA Test

The death row prisoner Kim Kardashian West pushed into the spotlight says he values her help, however adds he frantically needs her to get him the one thing he needs to prove his innocence.

California detainee Kevin Cooper’s lawyer, Norman Hile, tells TMZ Cooper knows Kim tweeted about him a couple of days back, putting his case up front with her 60 million followers, yet says he only needs one individual’s consideration, CA Governor, Jerry Brown.

Cooper needs Gov. Brown to arrange new advanced DNA testing, a request that has been disregarded so far.

In case you’re new to his story, Cooper was sentenced for 4 murders in the 1980s. He’s kept up his innocence, and even recommended he was framed. A NYT opinion piece regarding this issue supports his claims.

Kim’s tweet was an immediate request to Gov. Brown, and Hile says Cooper is trusting Kim’s army of fans development, examine his case and afterward write to Brown. As far as it matters for him, Cooper will write a thank you letter to Kim.

Kim has no association with Cooper, and she basically discovered an article about him a couple of months ago. What’s additionally fascinating is her push for his release comes ahead of Kanye West’s Thursday meeting with President Trump.

The White House says they’ll be talking prison reform, however Cooper’s case would be off the table. It’s a state matter, not government.

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