Dave East & Styles P Smash Hood Goliaths With Collab Album ‘Beloved’

Collab albums seem to be the wave, but we know few people have produced projects with their friends that truly have made us care. Of course, you got some: Jay-Z and Kanye, Redman and Method Man, Jada Kiss and Fabolous and Chris Brown and Tyga (yes, mixtapes count!). But for everyone one of those classics, we have about five other albums we wish the two emcees would have stuck with doing a dope “song” together. Dave East and Styles P’s new album ‘Beloved’ isn’t one of those records that needed to be just a dope “song.” We are here for the entire baker’s dozen and believe it will add to the list of amazing real Hip-Hop records released this year. Dave East and Styles P’s Beloved offering, if we look at Dave’s Paranoia 2 and Styles’ album G-Host, actually might be one that fades all of the aforementioned classic records. Combining two generations of New York lyricists, the track-listing alone has fans on immediate alert.


1. “Beloved” featuring Dyce Payne
2. “Its Lit”
3. “For All My Niggas”
4. “Shout Out My Hood”
5. “Don’t Cross Me” featuring Jazzy
6. “Exotic Shit”
7. “Do You Know What Time It Is”
8. “Cut From A Different Cloth”
9. “Rare Breed”
10. “We Got Everything”
11. “In The Jungle” featuring Tish Hyman
12. “Thots & Models”
13. “Load My Gun” featuring The Lox

This project is bound to take on biblical proportions. It has to. According to a press statement released by the duo’s team, the title for Beloved was selected as a nod to King David in the bible. David means in Hebrew, beloved and it also happens to be the two rappers name. The Lord has touched and agreed. The statement further informs that this project will show “how the two Davids battle through the Goliaths of violence, street politics, drugs and money.” Can the church get a hoodified “AMEN!”

Featuring artists like Dyce Pane, Jazzy, Tish Hyman and Styles’ group, The Lox, people can expect a barfest. Lyricism aside, the production on the album promises to be fly also as Scram Jones, Chase N. Cashe and Noah Styles (P’s son) are behind the beats. In addition to this project being a musical collaboration, it is also a joint venture between Def Jam Recordings and Mass Appeal.

Beloved can be streamed in its entirety via Apple Music or any other streaming platform.

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