Dame Dash Announces Talib Kweli Partnership + Puts Pressure On Netflix

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Music executive Damon “Dame” Dash is keeping it New York. The hip-hop mogul has announced plans to launch his own streaming service Dame Dash Studios in the coming weeks with Brooklyn native Talib Kweli partnered up.

Dame went to Instagram last night to reveal his digital platform will come with Kweli’s music curation.

A few days ago, buzz developed about Dash finding himself in a legal crunch related to exes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales.

Dame Dash has finally turned himself in to NYPD after a near three year warrant had been issued for his arrest. In relation to Rachel Roy he claims that the money will go into his share of their clothing company Topson Downs. Although Dash and Rachel Roy have lost their company his plans to get it back are in the works. (Power 105.1)

Prior to turning himself over to cops, Dash addressed the legal nightmare and promised he’s in no way in the wrong.

“For some reason, when I was in L.A., I got all these warrants saying I didn’t pay child support,” he shared with the celebrity news site. He then goes on to explain how he recently gave Morales $150,000 so she could purchase a home, which adds to his confusion in the matter. “I just found out that I have to prove she got the money, so I’m like, ‘F–k it, I’m gonna turn myself in. … I’ll sit in jail for three or four days or whatever they want me to do. I’m an innocent man. There’s no reason for me not to turn myself in. I’m sick of my name being compromised.” (TMZ)

Reports claimed the initial warrant came together roughly three years ago.

As previously reported, a court judge first signed a warrant regarding his alleged unpaid child support three years ago. Dame alleges he gives both women money on a regular basis. The former Roc-A-Fella executive remains confident the situation will work itself out. (REVOLT TV)

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