Dame Dash Announces Gucci-Burning Celebration W/ Minstrel Poster: “Bosses Are Fearless”

Gucci Dame Dash

Rap executive Dame Dash is done-done with the Gucci support. The hip-hop mogul has stepped forward to announce his support for a bonfire protesting the controversial high-end brand.

Dame hit up Instagram Wednesday to remind fans his days of supporting Gucci are behind him.

Earlier in the week, Dame hit up IG to share his disgust with Gucci.

Recently, New York rapper Mysonne dropped his “F**k Gucci” diss song.

In February, Mysonne called out local fashion icon Dapper Dan for trying to give Gucci a pass after its controversial blackface sweater drama.

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Unfortunately @dapperdanharlem as much as we love and Respect you and what you Mean to our culture, We have to reject this!! For Many reasons but for 2 in particular. One being because this is putting a Band aid on a Bullet wound!! These executives decided that they would attempt to reconcile a "Civil Rights" Violation by making "Fashion " changes. 2. The hiphop community who were the ones offended, who were the ones who called for the boycott, were NOT PRESENT AT THE TABLE AS YOU Had ASSURED ME, That never happened, which was a disappointment. Nothing About us without US!! There needs to be serious inclusion and changes before we can even consider to consider allowing Gucci to benefit from this culture any further!!, #IworkForthePeople #soulNotForSale

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Sorry @dapperdanharlem and @Gucci We Ain't Wit it!! Reposted from @keziamw – …@gucci @dapperdanharlem announced their reparative plan today via IG for their #Blackface misstep & #BlackPeople we’re not named specifically! . . . Minorities – or the New Majority – are not homogenous & our struggles are unique. I’m shocked…not shocked… Gucci did not specifically call out their plan of action for Black people in the context of their larger D&I plan….as the movement was led by us. . . . This further validates our voices are catalysts for change, let’s use it to amplify the work #BlackFashionDesigners who are willing to acknowledge how they serve us. And make buying Black our practice not just our protest. // @keziamw #ProfessorKez#GangstaButWokeAsFuck

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The same week, Dapper encouraged people not to put their efforts into boycotting Gucci and look at the bigger picture.

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