Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Three Additional Women

Cuba Gooding Jr. was already facing accusations of sexual misconduct from a night in a New York City nightclub, now three new accusers have accused the actor, one of which will bring a new charge against him. TMZ reports the total number of women that have accused Gooding now stands at five.

Gooding began court proceedings last week for the incident this summer, while in court a second woman came forth, resulting in an indictment for an October 2018 encounter. The Oscar-winner is set to be arranged on Tuesday, which will provide further details of the incident.

Mark Heller, the lawyer for Gooding Jr., states the actor will plead not guilty to the charge and the accuser is only coming forward because he was previously arrested. Heller also states the second accuser sought a settlement previously but he and his client would not “be shaken down.”

The three additional incidents occurred in 2008, 2013, and 2015. As of now, no charges have been filed. Page Six details the sexual misconduct in Manhattan is similar to other incidents in area bars and restaurants, specifically grabbing a woman’s butt in a 2013 incident. Gooding was arrested in June after grabbing a woman’s breasts without consent. Gooding was stated to be “heavily intoxicated” at the time.

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