Cops Put Kibosh On Diddy’s Birthday House Party

Sean Combs out shopping at the Gucci Store

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Sean “Diddy” Combs just turned the Big 49, and he’s partying hard as expected as he approaches the fifty piece milestone. After an epic weekend of skydiving and a club party, Diddy invited guests to his Los Angeles home for more wild times but the cops put a stop the fun in the wee hours of Monday morning.

TMZ reports:

Before throwing an epic rager, Diddy had another party for his 49th bday at Ysabel in West Hollywood … where he celebrated with LeBron James, Usher, Wiz Khalifa, Kodak Black and tons of other celebs.

Check out the vid … Kodak tries to pull a fast one and sneak a drink out of the club, but he gets caught red-handed.

Seems the after-party spilled over to Diddy’s and, as you can image, it was the place to be … we’re told there were about 50 cars parked outside his home, and about 200 people inside in full party mode.

Things went pretty smoothly once cops showed up … police told security to shut it down or they would have to enter and disperse the crowd, and the guards obliged.

We thought he told you that he won’t stop.

Happy Birthday, Diddy!

Photo: WENN

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