Chris Evans Likely To Hang Up Shield After ‘Avengers 4’, Twitter Isn’t Ready To Say Goodbye

Chris Evans Tweet Hints At Him Retiring From Playing Captain America

Source: Laurent KOFFEL / Getty

Captain America was one of few Avengers to survive the Thanos snap, but after he helps try to fix the damage done by the Mad Titan, it looks like he will be hanging up his shield.

We all knew that Chris Evans couldn’t throw his mighty shield forever but still never thought he would leave his role as the famed Marvel superhero anytime soon. Well, it looks like Evans is getting fans ready for the moment when we are going to have to say goodbye to him as playing Captain America.

In a Tweet to his 9.7 million followers, The First Avenger announced the fourth and still untitled Avenger’s movie has officially wrapped shooting. He also reflected on the 8 years playing the role and thanking everyone in front and behind the camera giving the inclination that this will be his last time leading the superhero group.

Twitter immediately reacted to the news of Evan’s retiring from the role by thanking the actor for portraying the character so perfectly and sharing montages of Evans as Captain America. Now we don’t know for sure if Avengers 4 is, in fact, the last films for Evans as the leader of the Avengers. Who knows maybe he will change his mind, but for now it definitely looks like we will be putting Evan’s version of Steve Rodgers back in the ice.

Looks like Bucky will be picking up that shield after they bring him back from being turned into cosmic dust.To see all the reactions to Chris Evans retiring from the role of Captain America check out the gallery below.

Photo: Laurent KOFFEL / Getty

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