Casino Mel – “No One” (Video)

Casino Mel, born Jarmel Brown Lee, is from tiny Abbeville, South Carolina with a population of 5,237 this serves as proof that the biggest of talents can come from the smallest of places. Though he felt that he was destined to be just another urban statistic due to a series of unwise decisions made in his youth that led to him being incarcerated Mel knew that he was meant for something more. Mel is blessed with the rare ability to write timeless classics that often challenge the mind while soothing the soul, this ability is apparent on the self-reflective and openly honest new track “No One.”

Now with the release of the video for “No One” your best bet is to put it all on the Casino, Casino Mel that is. “Every day you profit you win” these are words to live by from your soon to be favorite rapper Casino Mel. Casino Mel just released his video “No One” via the Carolina’s hottest label, Five Star Empire.

Watch “No One” above.
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