Cardi B Hands Out Winter Coats in Brooklyn

Cardi B is spreading good will.

With winter approaching, the “Taki Taki” rapper held a coat drive in Brooklyn on Thursday (Oct. 18). A massive crowd waited up to four hours in the cold for the 26-year-old Bronx native, who passed out coats and sneakers at Marlboro Houses, a housing project in Gravesend, New York.

Cardi organized the coat drive with her friend Maurice Ballard and it came together just 18 hours before. Although she was running late due to a photo shoot, when she arrived, she happily snapped selfies and signed autographs for the young fans.

“These kids follow me, these kids look at me, these kids listen to my music,” said Cardi. “You gotta support the people that support you.”

A large crowd showed up, much to Cardi’s surprise. “I didn’t know it was gonna be so big,” she told WABC. “My home boy Chuck, he told me, ‘Hey, let’s give out coats to our community, I know somebody who wants to give out coats in Marlboro,’ and I said, ‘I’m pulling out, what’s up?’”

She hopes to do it again soon in her native Bronx. “I can’t wait to [do] this in my borough next BX,” she wrote on Instagram.

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