Cardi B Explains Offensive Facebook Posts But Internet Tries To Expose Her

Cardi B

New York rapper Cardi B is clearing the air. The hip-hop star has come forward to explain why offensive content made its way onto her former Facebook page.

Cardi went to Twitter Sunday (September 16) and blamed an ex-affiliate for putting up the unspecified posts.

B also went to Instagram and shared a personal direct message proving someone else ran her Facebook page.

Social media has since responded to Cardi’s remarks and shared her past controversial content.

On last Monday’s Queen Radio broadcast, rap rival Nicki Minaj exploded on Cardi and accused her of sending racist messages to a black woman on social media.

“Calling a dead child a monkey but telling people somebody talked about your child that nobody talked about your motherf*cking child so you can get some f*cking sympathy points?! Now we’re gonna get it in. Now we going to get into some things because I’m tired of people f*cking lying on me. So we gonna get into some things. You want to talk about stopping bags but there’s two innocent girls in the strip club right now that did nothing but go to the strip club and get money. Now they can’t get no money. Now who’s stopping bags? Because you got grown a** f*cking men showing up to where they at and where they work at. They can’t feed they kids. They can’t feed they f*cking family. They can’t feed they f*cking family because you mad at what another man sticking his d*ck inside of. You mad at a woman for what a man is doing!” (Queen Radio)

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