Bump In The Road: Michael Rapaport Sues Barstool Sports Over Herpes Claim

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Michael Rapaport is in the middle of some nasty mudslinging with a former employer and is now bringing a lawsuit over defamation claims. The actor says Barstool Sports put out a t-shirt insinuating he had herpes and wants unspecified damages for the jab.

TMZ Sports reports:

Michael Rapaport says that sore on his lip is NOT herpes — and now he’s suing Barstool Sports claiming the media outlet and its most famous staffers are defaming him.

Rapaport used to work with Barstool — in fact, he had a podcast on Barstool’s platform.

But, the two sides had a nasty breakup back in February after Rapaport referred to “Stoolies” as “losers in life.”

Barstool president Dave Portnoy told TMZ Sports at the time the move was not a publicity stunt — “To me, it was very personal. It was very real.”

Rapaport claims Barstool then embarked on a smear campaign against him — publicly claiming he suffered from herpes and creating a t-shirt (which they sold) highlighting a sore on Rap’s mouth.

In a statement to TMZ Sports, Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy said, “Michael Rapaport is a loser. There is nothing worse than somebody who claims to be the king of trash talk and then cries when people respond in kind.”

Welp, this is certainly a bumpy road.

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