#BRUHNews: Lamar Odom Kidnapped & Held For Ransom By Portland Goons, Allegedly

Source: Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2017 held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion Featuring: Lamar Odom Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 13 Jul 2017 Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Seems like regardless of where he’s at in his life, Lamar Odom just can’t keep shooting himself in the foot with his asinine decisions.

According to Radar Online, the troubled ex-NBA 6th Man of The Year was put through a dire situation when he found himself getting kidnapped while his girlfriend and 2-year-old daughter were held hostage at gunpoint.

“Sources” say everything began this past June when Odom flew to Portland, Oregon to visit his then wifey, Savannah Waldrop, and her family. Once in town Odom had the itch to gamble a little something but being that he’s dead broke he found himself borrowing $10K from some shady locals. Naturally that wasn’t the greatest idea ever thought.

“Savanna set up the loan and Lamar knew he had to pay it back no matter what,” said the source. “The bookies had no idea someone famous like Lamar didn’t have the cash to pay them back. And you don’t mess with these guys.”

Odom soon found out the dangerous result of his lies.

“Within 20 minutes the $10,000 was gone. He gambled it all — and lost!”

20. Minutes. Of course anyone who lends out $10 to a stranger’s going to want that money back ASAP so imagine how these loan sharks reacted about their $10,000.

“Within 24 hours the bookies were harassing them, following them to their AirbnbOpens a New Window. and hotel, and waiting for them in the parking lot,” said the source.

“It got so bad, they threatened Savanna and her daughter with a gun and said they’d kill her.”

“They kicked in the hotel door and came in with guns when they were all in bed.”

That’s when they decided to kidnap LO for ransom money and held on to him for two days in their hideout while the situation unfolded. But not trying to come off as total kidnapping douches, the captors unbelievably took Odom out to party at a nightclub.

Still though, Lamar knew he wasn’t going to be let go until the situation was resolved so he had Waldrop pawn his gold chain for $1,000 and eventually LO was freed after his girl came up with $1,500 and his camp coughed up another $2,800. According to the math his bookies still took a loss of $4,700 which Odom says he will pay back… eventually.

But of course like any (alleged) nutcase Lamar not only made light of the situation texting Waldrop that they’d look back on this one day and “laugh about it on beach somewhere getting hight,” but he then went on to blame her for putting him in the situation.

“I just saved your a**,” he wrote June 9 in a text.

“…if it wasn’t [sic] for me who knows what would have happen [sic] to you!!”

“I ruined my whole trip with what happened yesterday. I don’t think u [sic] realize how I stopped s**t from getting physical!!” he texted June 10.

Wait, huh?! Talk about being an ingrate.

Not only did she basically save his life but according to said source, Lamar’s been mooching off of Savanna’s savings.

“Savanna already helped him with $80,000 of her own money, and she had none left,” said the source. “She tried all she could do to help. But at the end, it’s Lamar’s responsibility to help himself.”

With all this being said we’re taking it upon ourselves to guess that Lamar Odom won’t be traveling to Portland, Oregon or any nearby cities anytime soon. But then again them dudes did take him out clubbing and he’s known to like a good time even when it’s basically a life and death situation, so…

Photo: WENN.com

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