Blessings On Blessings: You Won’t Believe The Gift Tyler Perry Got An Old Friend’s Sick Mom

Tyler Perry is out here doing all the good deeds. The famed actor and playwright made headlines recently after he offered The Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens a gig and now he’s making sure another old friend is good money.

According to, LaShun Pace worked on a play with Perry nearly 20 years ago, but time nor distance stopped him from supporting the singer and former actress in her time of need. The site reports Perry spent upwards of $350,000 on a home for LaShun’s family, as it has always been her sick mother’s dream to have a house big enough to fit all of her loved ones.

In the tearjerking clip above, LaShun’s mom thanks Perry for the extremely kind gesture. “I love you. I thank God for you,” she said. See a photo of the beautiful home below.

Instagram Photo

LaShun’s mom suffers from stage V kidney failure, but we are keeping their family in our prayers at this time in hopes of a miracle.

Photo: WENN

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