Black Twitter Collects Bette Midler By The Beak For “Women Are The N-Word Of The World” Tweet

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Bette Midler has once again proven that well-meaning white folks still need to mind their words out here on these Twitter streets. The veteran actress tweeted “Women are the n-word of the world” in reaction to the furor surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and Black Twitter collected Midler by the beak as expected.

The line, from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s controversial 1972 song “Woman Is The N*gger Of The World,” didn’t play well in this hyper-charged political climate. While Midler’s point was to illustrate her frustration over Kavanaugh and the dismissive nature of the Republican-led U.S. Senate hearings for the Supreme Court nomination, she clearly didn’t think this one through.

To Midler’s credit, she deleted the tweet and tweeted out an apology for her words.

The gathering was exquisite, and we’ve managed to snag some of our favorite reactions to Bette Midler tweeting mad white and clueless below.

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