Blac Chyna Says Drake is Her Claim to Fame, Not The Kardashians

Blac Chyna has managed to become a notable name and face in both Hip-Hop and reality television. Adding to her highly profiled relationships with both Tyga and Rob Kardashian, she also has one child with both men.

Still, Chyna wants the world to know who is partly responsible for her success. Ironically, the person responsible for her fame is neither the former Young Money rapper or the Kardashian family heir.

However, both men are familiar with the man responsible. It turns out the person in question is Drake. During an interview with Daily Mail TV, she dove into an assortment of topics surrounding her personal life. Likewise, she felt the need to dispel any notions that the Kardashian played any part in her overall success.

I was already famous before [being associated with the Kardashians,] she told Brandi Williams. From her perspective, she was already building her name in D.C. and Miami. Which in turn, jump-started her career. Furthermore, she stated, “I already was [a celebrity], even back in D.C., I took over that, went to Miami and I was a celebrity down there. Came to LA, same thing. I kind of ran all three states and I’m actually kind of proud of that.” After graduating high school in 2006, she became an exotic dancer.

It didn’t take long for her to be noticed. “I actually had a booking and I think it was in Tennessee,” she said. “These guys introduced me to Drake, and Drake you know put me in a song and I started doing all the music videos and the magazines.”

We have come to know Drake for affectionately namedropping different women who cross his path. Luckily, Chyna crossed his path in 2010 just as the world was coming to know him.

First impressions are the best impressions because Drizzy remembered her name and he said it, in the 2010 song “Miss Me.”

 “Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’ll be worth the flight. I be at my table stackin’ dollars till the perfect height,” he stated.

Although Tyga and Rob may be the fathers of her children, clearly she has set the record straight once and for all.

Source: Daily Mail TV

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