Bill Cosby’s First Dinner Meal Includes Chicken, Veggies & Pudding (No CAP)

Bill Cosby

Former TV icon Bill Cosby is going to get a mighty meal his first night behind bars. New reports claim the fallen Hollywood mogul is getting a mouthful of various foods hours after receiving a 3-10-year prison sentence for sexual assault.

According to reports, Cosby will receive everything from a chicken patty to vanilla pudding to eat.

Sources at Montgomery County Correctional Facility — where Cosby is being held before he eventually gets transferred to prison — tell us inmates will be eating good Tuesday night with a nice helping of a chicken patty with gravy, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, iced tea mix … and, of course, vanilla pudding for dessert. (TMZ)

Earlier in the day. Def Jam’s 2 Chainz reacted to Cosby receiving hard time.

According to reports, a judge handed Cosby his sentence this afternoon for the drugging and sexual assault of Canadian woman Andrea Constand in 2004.

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill also declared Cosby, 81, a “sexually violent predator” early Tuesday, ensuring that the former Cosby Show star must undergo monthly counselling for the rest of his life and report four times a year to authorities. As a result of the classification, he’ll also have to appear on a sex-offender registry sent to schools, neighbours and victims. The judge denied Cosby’s legal team’s request for bail pending appeal. (ET Canada)

Cosby is expected to be immediately placed in a cell following his court appearance.

The sentence means that Cosby, once known as “America’s Dad,” will spend at least three years behind bars and then will become eligible for supervised release, although that’s not guaranteed. According to journalist Bobby Allyn who was in the courtroom, the judge will not grant bail and the comedian is expected to be taken away to a cell shortly. (Yahoo! Entertainment)

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