Benny The Butcher Takes Shots At Freddie Gibbs Over Stolen Chain, Calls Him “MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que”

benny the butcher freddie gibbs beef

Benny the Butcher and Freddie Gibbs have been beefing for a while. Things started off by both throwing subtle shots at each other on social media, but got heated in May when Benny and other members of his group reportedly attacked Gibbs at a bar-b-que restaurant in Buffalo.

Earlier this week, Benny took to IG to taunt the Gary MC by posting a video of him doing a “jewelry cleaning day” and showed off Freddie Gibbs chain that was supposedly stolen from Gibbs during the May attack. Gibbs saw the video and responded on Instagram.

“Benny gay ass need to stop flexing because he was there and didn’t throw a punch,” he wrote. “Hoe ass niggas did all that brought a camera man and all for promo. Still can’t pack a room. Go ahead start rapping about me so I can start about these sealed plea agreements and shit.”

Benny then responded to Gibbs, calling him “MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que” referencing the barbecue restaurant the brawl happened at in May.

“Ayo MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que that’s what got yo head punched in the first time. Talk about shit you ain’t had nothing to do with.” Benny said in the video. “Niggas took this off your bitch neck” Benny said while wearing Freddie’s ESGN chain.

MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, you been getting ran down on niggas for the past year without a gun. You a bitch. MC Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, niggas punched yo head all in — had you fucking lumped up with stitches all in yo shit for running your mouth like you doing now. Remember that? Then you went next day and bought that cheap-ass Cartier watch.”

Gibbs saw the video and responded on his Instagram stories bringing up Bennys shooting and armed robbery at a Houston Walmart in 2020.

“Y’all niggas more jewelry on the streets than on ya neck,” he said. “Niggaz walked u to the car and took yo strap, and yo jewelry and shot u? Damn.”

“When all yo homies was trying jump me I heard y’all saying ‘shoot him, shoot him’ but ain’t none of y’all have the nuts.”

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