B2K’s J-Boog Teases ‘You Got Served’ Sequel

Millennials nationwide were rejoicing when the news broke that B2K were reuniting and putting on a tour. Not only were they loved for their music, their film You Got Served is now considered a classic and it looks like a second installment is underway.

J. Boog took to Instagram to tease what looks like the sequel to the battle dance drama. The clip didn’t give away too much but it’s enough to get us hype.

The original flick’s introduction song, “Drop” by Timberland and Magoo featuring Fat Man Scoop played in the background while you hear one of Steve Harvey’s lines from the movie: “Seems to me like the money in the hat goes to…”

The 15-second clip ended with the words “You Got Served 2 Coming Soon.” Boog posted up the video with the following caption, “#houknew … y’all ain’t ready #yougotserved2.”

The 2004 film was written and directed by the group’s manager, Chris Stokes. It starred all B2K members plus Marques Houston. It opened at #1 at the box office during Super Bowl weekend with $16 million grossed in its first week.

Are you here for a You Got Served sequel?

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