Aspiring Rapper Hollywood Play Shot & Killed In Queens

A father of six, who was also an aspiring rapper, was shot and killed outside of a Queens, NY lounge on early Sunday morning (Oct. 8). Frank Snyder, 35, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting as he walked into the Tavern Lounge on Jamaica Ave. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

“We were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and next thing you know, everybody is going crazy,” said Tiesajah Reynolds, 20, who was working at the bar. “I didn’t even know what was going on until I saw (Snyder) on the floor gasping for air and blood everywhere.”

Snyder was wounded in the neck and leg. Medics rushed him to Jamaica Hospital, where he died.

He was hosting a birthday party for two fellow hip-hop artists at the Tavern Lounge when he was killed, according to an Instagram post.

His mother, Debra Snyder, said investigators told her “he was outside promoting his music and it was a drive-by (shooting). He didn’t have enemies, but there was a lot of jealousy. He did shows in the club every Saturday,” she said.

Snyder went by the moniker Hollywood Play and reportedly performed at the club every weekend.

Police say there were several men in the car—a dark colored sedan—with the gunman. However, no arrests have been made.

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