Amber Rose Says They’re Stealing Her Swag, Calls Out Double Standard Of Kanye West’s “I Love It”

Source: 3rd Annual Amber Rose SlutWalk in Los Angeles, California. Featuring: Amber Rose Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 01 Oct 2017 Credit: Sheri Determan/

Amber Rose feels she is a victim of hypocrisy and wanton swag stealing, and she’s calling out names. Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s ex is upset because she feels her SlutWalk mission is being discredited and she also pointed out the hypocrisy of the former’s “I Love It” becoming a hit while it touts some of her same ideas. 

Rose took to Instagram to pen a lengthy message outlining her issues, concerns and frustration.

“I am extremely frustrated. Every single year I put my blood, sweat and tears into my slutwalk. I did not create the SlutWalk movement. I did, however bring it to the forefront for this generation. People remind of this daily, through their deliberate attacks and evil comments. It becomes extremely frustrating when brands are “inspired” 👀 by the movement and curate my actual life story and use it as a marketing tool,” read part of her letter.

She went on to detail how she’s been pushing the Amber Rose SlutWalk and SlutWalks all around the world, yet getting no calls from brands inspired by her moves. We have to point out the irony of this particulate line in her missive, though: “I also DON’T do it for the recognition AT ALL but God Damn Bruh smh.”

Umm, then why is she upset if she doesn’t care about recognition?

Anyway, we gotta admit that she does have a point. She then went on to mention that her ex Yeezy and Lil Pump have a hit with a chorus that’s pretty much in line with her ethos.

She said, “Two men made a song that said ‘you’re such a f*cking hoe I love it’ but if I refer to myself as a hoe, take back any derogatory label and turn it into a positive or be confident in my sexuality in anyway muf*ckas need 30 showers and I’m literally the evilest person on earth yet everyone wants to take my f*cking swag but look down on me?”

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