Amber Rose Rips Meek Mill & Any Men Judging Women’s Hair: “Sometimes I Want To Put On A F**king Wig”

Amber Rose

Vixen Amber Rose has some big words for Meek Mill and any man telling women what to wear. The hip-hop model stepped forward this week to go off on the opposite sex.

Last night, Amber jumped on Instagram with a very public service announcement to guys telling females what to wear from hair to clothing.

“So I’m sitting here in my kitchen in my jammies, in my mommy gear, and I look online and I just see all these men telling women what to do with their hair, what to do with bodies and it’s just like, I’m really f*cking dumbfounded. I just can’t even believe men are still out there telling us what to do. And yes I’m a girl that, I wear my natural hair but guess what, sometimes I want to put on a f*cking wig and sometimes I want to feel pretty and feel different. Light-skinned, dark-skinned ladies, wear whatever the f*ck makes you happy and don’t let these men change your minds about how beautiful you feel. Because this sh*t is just getting f*cking ridiculous and I just can’t take it anymore. ‘Wear your natural hair. Wear this, wear this.’ Don’t nobody tell y’all what the f*ck to wear. Nobody tells y’all anything. Y’all just go and do whatever the f*ck y’all want and we all just gotta sit back.”

Earlier in the week, Meek Mill admitted a bad sexual experience sparked his personal issues with women wearing lace-front wigs.

This week, Meek raised eyebrows after claiming he would protest lace-front wigs in 2019.

A few days ago, the hip-hop star low-key hinted at having tea to spill on ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

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