Amber Rose Points Finger At Kanye West & Lil Pump Amid Unfair Treatment: “But If I Refer To Myself As A H*e – I’m Literally The Evilest Person On Earth”

Amber Rose

Vixen Amber Rose isn’t feeling the unfair treatment coming her way. The hip-hop model has stepped forward to pen some heartfelt words about getting slut-shamed and disrespected daily despite being a trendsetter and women’s rights leader.

Amber went to Instagram last night (September 18) and unloaded some serious frustrations.

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This is not about the Artists and Talent in these videos. I am extremely frustrated. Every single year I put my blood, sweat and tears into my slutwalk. I did not create the SlutWalk movement. I did, however bring it to the forefront for this generation. People remind of this daily, through their deliberate attacks and evil comments. It becomes extremely frustrating when brands are “inspired” 👀 by the movement and curate my actual life story and use it as a marketing tool. The Amber Rose SlutWalk and SlutWalks all around the globe, do not receive the attention or support they deserve. I do interview after interview to bring more awareness about the equality issues we deal with as women and people….. Body shaming, Fat shaming, slut shaming and victim blaming. I take a lot of punches and a lot of scrutiny and I’m cool with that cuz I do it for the greater good. I also DON’T do it for the recognition AT ALL but God Damn Bruh smh. I remember a few years back I used to put #MILFIN and #MILF on all of my post to only see a music video about milfs that I was not invited to be in… cool. I get it, I was an Actual Stripper, I’m not worthy 🙄 then I show up to the VMAs with my team with outfits that say slut and faggot etc and I go online and see huge brands take that and run with it and still no phone call. Two men made a song that said “you’re such a fucking hoe I love it” but if I refer to myself as a hoe, take back any derogatory label and turn it into a positive or be confident in my sexuality in anyway mufuckas need 30 showers and I’m literally the evilest person on earth yet everyone wants to take my fucking swag but look down on me? Shits annoying af But I’ll continue to be A trendsetter and help women – The Real Bad Guy

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This week, reports emerged about Rose’s engagement ring from ex-husband Wiz Khalifa going missing.

She reported that the ring is worth about $150,000, and she has no idea where the ring could have gone, as numerous people have come in and out of her house. Rose, 34, is devastated over the loss, as she wanted to give their son Sebastian the ring one day, according to the outlet. Rose and Wiz, 31, began dating in 2011 and he proposed in 2012. Their son was born in 2013 and they split in 2014. (Page Six)

Earlier in the week, Amber came forward to reveal she might low-key have an idea of who is responsible for stealing the ring.

We got Amber Monday heading into LAX and asked if there were any suspects yet in the case of her missing engagement ring. It doesn’t sound like cops have zeroed in on a perp yet, but Amber says she’s on the case. She hints she’s already got a short list of suspects — but says she’s still gathering proof. (TMZ)

Back in May, Amber put a swift end to cheating on Wiz during their short marriage.

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