Achievement Colonizer: Rebel Wilson Called Out On Twitter For Blocking Black Critics

Rebel Wilson is blocking black critics of her false claim

Source: Jean Catuffe / Getty

Actress Rebel Wilson is the talk of Twitter right now, and it’s not because of her upcoming movie. It’s about her lame behavior on social media after being called out for making a ridiculously false statement.

Wilson is probably sitting down somewhere looking at herself thinking damn all I had to really do is just say sorry, and I was wrong. The trouble for the actress began when she falsely claimed she is the first plus-size women to star in a romantic comedy. She was quickly corrected by Twitter user @FilmFatale_NYC who got the ball rolling leading to Wilson not only blocking her but other Black critics who pointed out that she forgot about Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique.

Instead of digesting that information and correcting herself, Wilson sent out this lame response:

Mo’Nique even chimed in eventually and addressed her sweet sister in a Tweet.

Despite the positive dialogue with her fellow actress, Wilson followed that up by proceeding to block users (mainly Black) who called out the comedian who often makes light of her own weight issues. As always, Twitter users found a way to make lemonade out of that lemon and started the #RebelWilsonBlocked movement.  You can hit the gallery below and join the block party.

While you do that we will patiently wait on the apology via the notes app.

Photo: Jean Catuffe / Getty

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