570JV – “Foundation!” (EP Review)

Today, we are diving head first into “Foundation!“, the new project by rising rapper 570JV that came across our radar via submission.  From the start of listening to this EP with “If I Die”, I was kinda iffy on the direction this project was going since we try to stay away from commercial sounding auto-tune type music, but as soon as “What You Need” came on with a hard hitting beat following with the tongue twister “Remember The Name”, this is the type of EP that shows the diversity of styles 570JV brings to the table.

Not only does he cater to the new wave of music listeners, it was also refreshing to listen to “Pop My Shit” which reminds me of a old school banger paying homage to greats like Master P, someone most of these new rappers would never mention in their songs.  Now, to the highlight track and outro to this project, “Wishing On A Star” blew my mind and is definitely a neck breaker.  The beat is so on point with his rhyme delivery, the song really brings out the lyricist in 570JV.

“Foundation!” might just be a 6-track EP, it’s kinda seems like a complete project.  It also serves as a preview of the type of music 570JV will be working on for the future.  No wonder he will be co-headlining with J.I.D. at SXSW this year.  Props to him and his whole team and we wish the best for this talented rapper.

This project earns a 8/10 in our book, so make sure to stream “Foundation!” on all streaming platforms and follow 570JV on his Instagram.

Source: UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

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