50 Cent Calls Out Hot 97’s Ebro Over 6ix9ine: “You Working W/ Police?”

50 Cent

New York rapper 50 Cent needs answers. The hip-hop veteran has singled out Hot 97 radio veteran Ebro Darden on social media over a spat involving jailed rap newcomer Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Fif went to Instagram Wednesday (November 21) to question Ebro about potential ties to law enforcement.

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Back in September, Tek went off on Ebro for hating on him.

Never one to back down, Ebro made sure to respond to 6ix9ine’s disses.

Back in June, Tek ripped Ebro after denying him a chance to pull through at the annual Summer Jam concert.

“I’m gonna say this one time and one time only. Ebro, you are p*ssy. Don’t let nobody forget the fact that a couple years ago 50 Cent told you, ‘Boy, stop f*cking playing with me or I’ll smack the sh*t out of you. I’ll f*ck you up!’ And you said, ‘Yo bro, chill.’ You wouldn’t f*cking meet up with me. Everybody in this f*cking city knows who I am and knows what I do. All the trolling and sh*t is cool but read about me. Read what happens. But I’m not gonna do that in this situation because now I’m understanding why people are scared of me. I understand that. You can hate 6ix9ine all you want. You can say this is the reason why people don’t like 6ix9ine, I understand that, but you can’t deny the fact you have a New York station, a New York concert and everybody, I don’t give a f*ck who was on that line-up, shout-out to everybody that was on that line-up. The main concern was the rainbow-headed motherf*cker on that stage. Nobody gave a f*ck about nothing else.”

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