40 Glocc Explains Why He’ll Never Let Game Beef Die: “You Had My Life In Your Palms”

40 Glocc

West Coast rapper 40 Glocc isn’t down to make peace with his longtime rap rival. The hip-hop veteran has addressed where things stand with his never-ending feud with Game.

Glocc hit up Instagram last night (October 22) and ripped Game for labeling him a snitch in the past.

A few days ago, Glocc suggested Game could possibly lose his home through foreclosure.

Last week, 40 hit up IG with an alleged audio recording of Game’s manager Wack 100 name-dropping his client.

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Told u niggaz @wack100 be always saying that GAYME a bitch.. & ain't got no time in these streets 😂 nothing new to my ears… I just never recorded him saying it…. I'M THE ONE HOOKED HIM UP WITH GAYME BCUZ THEY BEGGED ME TO GIVE HIM A PASS SO HE CAN OWE HIM FROM HIM SAVING GAYME FROM ME & MY HOMIEZ FROM FUCKING HIM UP ON SUNSET WHEN I SAT ON HIS BENTLEY & SPIT ON IT IN FRONT OF HIM.. 😅. . Both of Them niggaz is 100% hoez & @wack 100% got diarrhea💩 at the mouth that Busta ass nigga talk too much! & not catching no fade or shooting no shots.. them niggaz hire security & police for protection & only attend events where police at.. JUST WAIT PATIENTLY & CATCH HIS ASS ONE DAY AT WALMART OR SOMEWHERE SHOPPING RUN UP & BEAT HIS BITCH AZZ.. UP.. 😉 LIKE THAT DAY I CAUGHT GAYME REAL MANAGER TAYDOE"💥👊💥 & BEAT HIS ASS @WACK100 CALLED ME & THANKED ME & TOLD ME I DID HIM A FAVOR & GOT HIM OUT THE WAY.. AS GAYME MANAGER.. BCUZ HE DIDNT WANT TO BE A PART OF THEY VIOLENCE I BROUGHT TO HIM..& THEY ALL LIED & PRETENDED IT NEVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD!! 😂💥💯 🔵 🔴 #FAKEASSBLOOD #BUSTASHIT #BUSTAZ #ThemNiggazThePolice

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Last year, buzz developed about Glocc wanting Game to cough up big bucks owed to him over a 2012 attack.

40 Glocc just filed a lawsuit against Game, seeking more than $200k he says he’s owed. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, 40 says he won the dough back in November 2016 in a previous lawsuit he’d filed over a 2012 beatdown Game handed him. TMZ got a video of the fight. 40 says the original judgment was for $196,335.15 — however, because Game’s been dragging his feet … with interest, he now owes $216,775.52. (TMZ)

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