You Care: Azealia Banks and Grimes May Be Subpoenaed in Elon Musk Lawsuit

Source: American rapper Azealia Banks performs at O2 Academy, Brixton Featuring: Azealia Banks Where: London, United Kingdom When: 19 Sep 2014 Credit: Carsten Windhorst/ 

Azealia Banks continues to make the news for anything but her music. In the latest piece of struggle, a judge ruled that she may be subpoenaed in order to preserve evidence for a lawsuit against Tesla founder Elon Musk. 

Reports Business Insider:

A court has granted a motion by investors to serve subpoenas to preserve documents to the rapper Azealia Banks and the singer Grimes in a lawsuit against Tesla and Elon Musk, according to new court documents.

On Tuesday, the US District Court of Northern California granted the motion to serve document-preservation subpoenas against Banks and Grimes (whose real name is Claire Boucher) as well as Business Insider, The New York Times, and Gizmodo.

Adam M. Apton of Levi & Korsinsky, the firm representing the investors, told Business Insider he planned to serve all five parties subpoenas to preserve evidence.

The subpoenas will exclusively call for the parties to refrain from destroying certain documents, messages, and other potential evidence, as opposed to calling for them to provide the evidence to the court.

Investors are suing Tesla and Musk in a class-action lawsuit, alleging that Musk made “false and misleading statements” via a tweet where he claimed he was taking the company private at $420 a share. The plaintiffs are claiming Musk negatively affected stock owners while the SEC fined him and Tesla $20M each.

As for Banks, you can read up on her bizarre Elon Musk entanglement right here and here. And here too.


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