“What Are Those?” Creator Brandon “Young Busco” Moore Dead At 31, Twitter Reacts

Brandon Moore AKA Young Busco

Source: Young Busco / Instagram

Brandon “Young Busco” Moore became an Internet legend after his infamous “What Are Those?” catchphrase went viral and became social media meme fodder. According to his family, Young Busco has died and fans on Twitter are celebrating the funnyman’s life.

So universally known was Young Busco’s catchphrase that even Michael Jordan fell victim to the “What Are Those?” moment during a basketball camp when an attendee looked at the basketball legend’s shoes to clown. The phrase also made its way to Black Panther after Letitia Wright’s Shuri snapped on King T’Challa AKA The Black Panther and his choice of footwear during a funny scene.

However, Young Busco didn’t reap many rewards from his oft-used joke. Back in March, he sat down with Huffington Post, explaining that despite the reach of the phrase, he didn’t take care of the business end that would have given him some financial kickback. Further, Moore struggled with drug addiction and being present in the lives of his five children but an arrest after the 2015 video on a narcotics charge led to him turning his life around.

This past Sunday, just hours before he passed, Young Busco did what he was known best for by telling a joke about sneaker choices.

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According to chatter around social media, a candlelight vigil will be held this Friday (Nov. 30) in Moore’s hometown of Berkeley, Calif.

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Rest powerfully in peace, Young Busco.

We’ve collected some of the Twitter reactions to the news below.

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Photo: Instagram

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