[Watch] Can’t Knock The Hustle: Is Dame Dash Cooking Up Heat for Kanye?

Damon Dash has like 30 different grinds.

Author, director, music executive, actor, historian, art curator, reality star, fashion designer, father, YouTuber, influencer, publisher, movie guy, professional wilding-outter, visionary and yep… you guessed it… producer.

Producer sounds like a new title, but it is not. When you check out his discography, Dame has been listed as a producer on songs since 1992 for groups like Original Flavor and record labels Northwestside Records and of course Roc-A-Fella.  But did people really think he was responsible for cooking up music?

Apparently, he was. And apparently, he still is.

In a tweet posted by Kanye West, Dame Dash shares with the world new instrumentals from his lab. As he rocks out to the track, talks his usual stuff (they say it ain’t bragging if it’s true), he is heard offering the joint to one of his rapper friends.

“I’ma send you this beat. Don’t talk no sh*t talking about you ready to rap, have me cook some sh*t up, get in the lab…” He says as he bobs his head like the rap junkie he is, “F*ck all that dumb sh*t, I’m in the studio make another motherf*ckin record.”


While it is unclear what rapper he is talking about or if he is talking to ‘Ye, but what can be heard is some straight fire. Who do you think this beat is going to?

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