Wale Calls Out Writers After GQ Article Disrespects Him, Twitter Debate Ensues

Wale Calls Out Writers After GQ Article Disrespects Him

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Wale never bites his tongue and will let you know how he truly feels. A writer learned that yesterday (Oct 23) when he shared a portion of a GQ interview that tried to shade the Free Lunch rapper.

The writer in question, Eric Diep, got called out immediately by Wale when he tweeted a screen cap of the GQ interview written by its Fashion Editor Mark Anthony Green with the caption “Lmao the shade at Folarin,” that put Wale in with the group of rappers whom he shared XXL’s Freshmen Cover with back in 2009. The paragraph alluding they all have faded away and need to “googled” if you want to learn about their careers.

Despite Diep trying to explain to the rapper he meant no harm and was defending him, Wale took the tweet as a form of disrespect and initially called out Diep. The DC rapper got at the writer in series of now-deleted tweets before focusing his attention on the article’s actual crafter tweeting “don’t throw rocks then hide your hands lil boy.”

We also honestly believe Diep was defending Wale’s career with the Tweet and not laughing at the passionate artist. Many others came to his defense trying to help clarify the situation. The small back and forth did bring up an interesting debate in regards to publications such as GQ talking about Hip-Hop and interviewing artists.

You can see all the interesting takes on the matter below.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

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