Video: Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Wow Freestyle’

Jay Rock rides out with Kendrick Lamar in the video for “Wow Freestyle.”

In the Jack Begert-directed clip, K-Dot picks up Rock in a red Dodge Charger and cruises through the city before pulling up to a baseball field and meeting up with some homies. They also drive in an old school whip painted with flames, presented by Lyft. At the end, a man runs across the field while his shoes ignite in a fiery blaze.

“Me and Rock go back like, flippin’ mattresses,” raps Kendrick, while Rock responds, “Me and Dot go back like knockin’ addresses.”

“Wow Freestyle” is the fifth track off Jay Rock’s album Redemption to receive a visual following the Jeremih-assisted “Tap Out,” “Rotation 112th,” “ES Tales,” and “OSOM.”

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