Top 10 Gems From Tuma Basa, Master P, J. Prince and More From A3C

Tuma Basa

Before entering the world of business understand the mortality Of business.
Find a mentor and an advocate. Having both is a plus. Here’s the difference: A mentor is someone to talk to and share your feelings to and express what’s going on in your world as it relates to your success. An advocate is Your Champion or Sponsor someone who speaks on your behalf making sure you get those positions
There’s nothing wrong with cold calls or cold DMs.
Always be an asset not a liability. The moment you’re not useful is the moment you’re pushed aside.
Always ask yourself how can you add value.
Create your own style/way of doing things.
Always have a few back up plans to cash in.
Learn how to penetrate inner circles.
Don’t be a genius. Be a genius of something.
Always be a person of your word.

Master P

Distribution is key. OWN YOUR OWN!
Find an open market and channel it.
Ask questions and chase the process.
“Stop trying to be real and start trying to be smart”
Don’t quit your day job. Use it to support your side hustle.
You’re not in the music business until you get a hit record.
Don’t be afraid to change your life.
Stop minding everyone else’s businesses
Work smarter not harder, then work harder

Stop looking for perfect outcomes
Find real buzz (which he acknowledges is difficult in today’s era)
Love the process. Have the ground work laid on your own.
Hustle harder than anyone else.
Look at what’s in your inner circle before looking around for what you need
Find your niche and channel it
Ask yourself, “What’s my gift?”
“Heart, loyalty and commitment is what I built my team around”
Always be honest and fair it’ll take you further.
Be relentless

Cole Bennet
Stay competitive even when it seems like there’s no competion because there always is
Focus on the music (or whatever it is you started for)
Remain humble, passionate, and honest no matter where you are
Do what you can with what you have. Remain this resourceful as you progress
There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence. But remain confident.
Only work hard with those who work hard if not harder
Do what makes you comfortable
Be well versed in all facets of the industry you’re in
No isn’t really a thing. Find a way because there’s always one
Choose your friends wisely


Be a fan first and continue to be a fan
Try everything. Your 20’s are critical
Don’t be afraid to do the unglamourous work
Have a love and respect for what you do
Find your voice and don’t be afraid to use it
Women in music matter
Show your apprecation for all good things people do for you
Remain positive and humble no matter what’s thrown at you
Use your past experiences to propel you
There are no real losses only lessons

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